Friday, January 13, 2012

Moodboards for Your Creative Enhancement

Friday, January 13, 2012
Every picture paints a thousand words; that's why I love combining pictures and ideas. But for those of you who are running out of ideas for a painting, crafting or creative-writing project; you can always opt for a mood-board to give you inspiration. It can be your own creative bible for the everyday-making.  I love to use this mood-board technique whenever i am painting. i have a mood-board specially for colours; looking for them in magazines and putting in a scrapbook so that when i am matching colours for a painting, a design or when i am crafting a necklace, i would refer to it to get the right combination. You can try it too. Below is an example of a mood-board for creative-writing. Much thanks to the blogger.

Shared by Shia Lynn

Make a board for each character in a story. Start with the basic idea for a character and search for images and other bits and pieces that represent this idea or expand on it. Cut out pictures of faces, hair and eyes to inspire their physical characteristics. Sometimes one picture by itself is enough to jump-start your imagination into creating a unique personality.
Focus on the setting. Finding real life examples of the story settings will help you add interesting, life-like detail. How much you describe the setting isn’t quite as important as the details themselves. One or two strange/unheard of details will always trump one-hundred mundane details. The mountainside in your mind will be enhanced by the mountainsides in photographs, which may have gnarled trees or a rock formation that looks like a woman’s face.
Create a board to ignite a general story idea. Play around with different media until a story begins to form in your head. There are a few free websites on the internet that make it easier, such as Mood Share and Image Spark, but you can also just copy and paste images into whatever graphic editing program you have. Don’t confine yourself to just images or just digital images. You may find a piece of music or sound clip that inspires you, or a word in a dictionary. Basically, capture whatever lights the fuse!

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