Sunday, January 1, 2012


Sunday, January 1, 2012
The Art of Painting Folk Art
Lovely Vivien is the arty behind Vienart Corner who enjoys art and painting very much. This freelancer loves experimenting with new mediums in painting such as acrylic and enamel painting for glass and porcelain. I can see why she spends so much time in it. Looking at her glass pieces on her blog, what amazes me is how intricate and exquisite the results of each glass and porcelain piece. Besides having the passion for craft painting, Vivien also enjoys the occasional gardening and cooking too.

[Folk Art Painting, Key Hanger by VienArt]

Surfing through her artsy blog, Vivien certainly has a knack for Folk Art. Her brush strokes of each petal on every flower painted is breath taking. For fans of Folk Art decorative items, you can now purchase from Vivien at

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