Thursday, May 16, 2013

Style with Artist Wear

Thursday, May 16, 2013
An Artist Wears...

I've been away for a week with no new posts regarding art, etc. My last post was fashion-related and it's now another Friday with another fashion post. No I am not going into blogging about fashion, although you should know that that is my another interest too. I want you to know as well that the reason why I haven't been blogging new posts is because I have been focusing on my film photography project- I just got a new camera and a bunch of new films. With all these, I am preparing for my featured blog post coming soon (waiting for my first black and white film to be develop) so that I can share with you the insights of my analogue project, my photos and more. And I promise I'll be back with more creativity-related stories.

Another thing you should know that most of my fashion picks are not just plain old selecting and mix and matching clothes/styles. I look into colours, patterns, combinations, etc. things like that because really, I believe that you can express your creative selves with the right attire and colours too. As what I have posted here before too about colours, it plays quite an important role to our well being. It makes a different to your mood and emotions.

I should be posting my next post real soon, so stay with me and stay tune.

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